Reform Canada's Bail System Now

Whereas crime and violent crime are escalating in our community to the point where many Nanaimo residents feel unsafe in our community;

And while the individuals committing these crimes make up a small portion of the population, revolving-door bail policies have enabled the release of repeat violent offenders onto our streets with no accountability;

And whereas the Liberal government passed Bill C-5 into law with the support of the NDP in November 2022, repealing mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes and making it easier for repeat violent offenders to get bail;

And whereas all 13 provincial and territorial Premiers—along with the major police associations in Canada’s largest cities and regions—have called upon federal legislators to reform Canada’s bail system;

And whereas, on February 2, 2023, the Conservative Opposition put forward a motion that would have strengthened Canada’s bail laws;

We, the undersigned, call upon the NDP-Trudeau Coalition to immediately reform Canada’s bail system; end the cycle of catch-and-release justice; and, take action to keep repeat violent offenders behind bars.


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