Erin O’Toole statement on Conservative Opposition Day motion regarding release of pandemic documents

October 23, 2020


Ottawa, ON – The Honourable Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and of the Official Opposition, today issued the following statement on the Conservative Opposition Day motion regarding the release of pandemic documents:

“It’s been seven months since the start of the pandemic. And what was the Liberal response? Masks, gloves and gowns from the government’s own reserves sent to China, while health care professionals and first responders here at home were being asked to ration.
“And now, we are falling behind our allies in securing future COVID-19 vaccines and in approving rapid tests.  
“The Liberal’s response to COVID-19 needs to be reviewed. Canadians deserve a government that will have their backs. A government that will develop our local medical equipment production chain without the worry of Liberal insiders getting rich off taxpayers.
“The Liberals have repeatedly attempted to shut down studies of the pandemic response. My colleagues in the Health Committee have been facing obstruction, delays, and manipulation in the midst of a pandemic.
“To all Canadians waiting for ventilators to arrive, to all Canadians hoping we’ll get rapid testing, and to all Canadians having lost a loved one to the virus, you deserve answers.
“This motion will instruct the Standing Committee on Health to undertake a study focused on:

  • Rapid and at home testing approvals and procurement processes to reduce our waiting lines,
  • Vaccine development and protocol for its distribution,
  • A review of federal public health guidelines and data being used to inform government decisions,
  • A review of long-term care facility COVID-19 protocols under federal jurisdiction,
  • The availability of PPE in Canada and a review of Canada’s emergency PPE stockpile from 2015 to today.
  • The impact of this government’s use of WHO advice to delay closing borders and delay recommending the wearing of masks
  • And, importantly, the reasons why and the eventual impact of closing Canada’s early warning system, the GPHIN.

“In bringing this motion forward, we want to offer the government a chance to work with us, better its approach, and act with transparency.
“Canadians deserve a government that learns lessons from mistakes and successes so we can prepare better for the future. That is what this motion will accomplish.”
The Conservative Opposition Day motion can be found here.